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Do not ever attempt to open a radiator cap when your vehicle is overheating.
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Twin Towns Radiators is a family owned business based in Tweed Heads South on the New South Wales and Queensland border next to neighbouring Coolangatta.
At Twin Towns Radiators, we carry out all the cooling system repairs and offer a free cooling system check, including a FREE PRESSURE TEST and a report on all hoses and ancillary components. We also carry a comprehensive stock of O.E. quality radiators which we supply to the local trade and handyman at very competitive prices.

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Leaks and clogging are some of the most common causes of radiator failure. Any disruption in the radiator’s function can lead to elevated engine temperature and overheating.
Worn or Burst Hoses A hose that contains visual cracks or holes, or has burst will result in leaks and disrupt the flow of engine coolant. This can result in overheating.
Any malfunction of the water pump, including eroded impeller vanes, seepage or wobble in the pump shaft, can prevent adequate coolant flow and result in engine overheating
When the thermostat gets stuck in the closed position, coolant stays in the engine and quickly becomes overheated, resulting in engine overheating.
The wrong type of coolant and/or mixing the incorrect concentration of coolant and distilled water can result in engine overheating. Get a complete flush and fill service.
If a belt is loose or broken, it cannot maintain the proper speed, thus resulting in poor coolant flow and ultimately, engine overheating.